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FoCo TDM started back in January 2011. It began with a few members of the community talking about a team deathmatch server. It began as a server just for LS RP members to come and DM when they got fed up of role-play. However it has advanced heavily since then and is now open to the public as a whole as opposed to just LS RP.

Now FoCo TDM aims to provide the greatest death-match experience to the whole of the SA:MP community and give a high quality online game-play feel. FTDM will continue to get regular updates and be there for all ones deathmatch needs. So what are you waiting for?

  • » Achievements System
  • » Dynamic Clan System
  • » Weapons as you level
  • » Active and helpful Administration
  • » Audio System
  • » IRC Echo
  • » Advanced Anti-Cheat
  • » Dynamic Vehicle System
  • » Dynamic Events System
  • » 24-7 High Quality Hosting
  • » Ammu-Nations for weapon purchases
  • » Level and Ranking System
  • » Leaderboards System
  • » User Control Panel
  • » Global Statistics
  • » Active Development

Here at FoCo TDM we aim to be the best and most active death match server around, meeting all it's users requirements and filling in that fun factor. We aim to release regular updates on both the game-mode and UCP and have a bugless script to allow you, the users the best game-play feel without interruptions.