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Forum downtime

Hi all.

At the moment our forums are down due to issues with our host. We have already posted a ticket about the issue and it will be resolved as soon as they can get around to fixing it.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

user img pEar

calender img 9/2/2015 - 12:01

FoCoTDM Development Updates 22/07/2015

Hi all.

We have added some development updates to the server, you can see the complete update list here:

To quickly include the most important:

  • Ban system has been redone. No more lag when unbanning players.

  • Report system has been redone. Added functions such as /myreports, the ability to delete your own reports and having three different reports.

  • Mute system has been redone. Allows for timed mutes.

  • Amount of duels won/lost saves now. You can see the leaderboards under Tables on the UCP.

Have fun with the updates, more to come!

user img pEar

calender img 7/23/2015 - 16:03

Staff changes

Hi all,

Zacharias has been promoted to lead admin and will take over Pedrowy’s spot of head of in-game assets. Pedrowy moved towards head of admins, a function that hasn’t been used for a while. He will do what I’ve been doing since I received head of staff. I moved up to a manager position and remain as head of staff. I will no longer be involved with the daily business of running the admin team, that’ll be Pedrowy’s job as of now. Head of staff will get a slightly different content, I will be reviewing and guiding all the different teams and have a more general approach to the server as a whole. I’ll try to make sure the staff team as a whole runs properly. pEar will remain as head of project to review the head of staff and head of development and thus the entire server in general.

For a more detailed explanation I refer you to the forum post (

On behalf of the FoCoTDM Staff Team,
Head of Staff,

user img Dr_Death

calender img 7/3/2015 - 18:42

Scheduled forum downtime

Hi all.

I just wanted to let you all know that we're changing our VPS for the forums shortly (Either today or tomorrow).
This will result in a forum downtime (We are not sure when exactly it'll occur as we just sent in the cancellation request to the old VPS provider.) which will hopefully only last for a couple of minutes, but if we are really unlucky the downtime may be for several hours.

On behalf of the Lead Administration,

user img pEar

calender img 12/8/2013 - 16:17

FoCoTDM Donations

Hello all.

As there has been quite a heavy request-storm from the userbase regards to donations, I have decided that we will be allowing donations before the finished VIP system is out.
FoCoTDM made a very basic outline of a VIP system quite a while ago and it was always our intention to accept donations to support the server, but we have always had small issues that stopped us but I believe we are well on our way to getting a proper VIP system done.

The reason why I believe it would be smart to open donations at such an early stage is obviously because of your requests and due to having a basic outline of the VIP system already done.
We expect to have a fully working automatic VIP system up and running as soon as possible, and we have already "hired" a web-developer to create an addon for the UCP to make the donation-payment, payment checking and VIP setting automatic. Some of you may or may not recognize our web-developer - Wazza.
Wazza is currently working as a web-developer full-time in real-life, so we have quite some expectations for the UCP.

Now, there is no date for when the UCP and all the VIP features will be finished, but know that this is our main priority to get done.

As I understand some of the people here do not like the whole pay monthly business, so we have allowed for: 1 month worth of donations, 3 months worth of donations, 6 months worth of donations and lifetime worth donations.

Donation amounts available

The one thing I believe some of you will be asking is "What would I get by donating & for how long will the donation features last?"
Please check the list below:

Donator Status

1 month - €2,50 (Euros)
3 months - €6,75 (Euros)
6 months - €13,50 (Euros)
Lifetime bronze €25 (Euros)

1 month - €4,50 (Euros)
3 months - €12,15 (Euros)
6 months - €21,90 (Euros)
Lifetime silver €40 (Euros)

1 month - €8,10 (Euros)
3 months - €21,90 (Euros)
6 months - €39,40 (Euros)
Lifetime gold €60 (Euros)

2 namechanges = €1,00
4 namechanges = €1,80
6 namechanges = €2,55
8 namechanges = €3,20
10 namechanges = €3,75
1 name-change may be used on either the forums or In-Game.
Name-changes may be given away to others.

Mark regards to lifetime donations: Upgrading possible by paying the price difference
Lifetime donator's get 1 free nc per month when all nc's have been used. They don't stack.

Current donator features available:

Name-changes, both In-Game and Forum-wise.
Free donator vehicles (Maximum 1 total, there are custom VIP vehicles)
100% armour on spawn, regardless of level/kills.
/dc - donator chat. Only donators and admins will have access to this.
/vann - donator announcement. The usage is restricted to once every 30 minutes.
Custom donator forum-tag & usergroup.
Access to /skin (You may set your own skin)
Access to /hats - custom hats.
Custom fighstyle (This will be made a VIP feature in the future)
Access to /blockpm (This will be made a VIP feature in the future)
Access to /togmain (This will be made a VIP feature in the future)
Access to /nos (Once every 5 minutes)
Access to /neon (This will be made a VIP feature in the future)
Private team-speak room with channel admin rights.
Voice (v+) on #focotdm.ig

Planned/Future Donator features:

2 namechanges
Donator vehicle, 1 vehicle in total
50% off on vehicles
15% more money on kills and event rewards (including ammo from guns)
100 armor, regardless of your level
Spawn your vehicle with 50+ hp (normally 85 hp)
Spawn with 50% extra ammo
Donator chat
Bronze donator status on the forum
Cheaper guns at the gunstore
Voice (v+) on #focotdm.ig

4 namechanges
Donator vehicle, 2 vehicles in total
Free donator vehicles
30% more money on kills and event rewards (including ammo from guns)
100 armor, regardless of your level
Spawn your vehicle with 30+ hp (normally 85 hp)
Spawn with 50% extra ammo
Donator chat
Silver donator status on the forum
Cheaper guns at the gunstore
Access to /skin (Restrictions being clan and team skins, and skins such as CJ etc)
Custom fightstyle
Free mods
Team-speak room with channel admin.
/skydive at star tower when 85+ hp (Will drop you from higher up than just the tower with a parachute)

6 namechanges
Donator vehicle, 3 vehicles in total
Free vehicles
50% more money on kills and event rewards (including ammo from guns)
100 armor, regardless of your level
Spawn your vehicle with 10+ hp (normally 85 hp)
Spawn with 100% extra ammo
Donator chat
Gold donator status on the forum
Cheaper guns at the gunstore
Access to /skin
/togmain (Toggling main chat, although /pm's, event notices, announcements, gang chat etc will still be available)
Custom fightstyle
Free mods
/skydive at star tower when 85+ hp
Reserved event slot
1 VIP ann per 30 min (adjust color etc)
3vs3 duels
/nos (once per 5 min)

Legal binding agreement

Before donating, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of donating for FoCoTDM. See the list given below:
1)Donations are non-refundable - this applies even if the server were to go down, if you are banned or for any any other reason you would like a refund.
2)Donation features may be edited in the future (This means that certain skins will be restricted, such as team skins, clan skins etc.)
3)If abused, donation status may be removed by the Lead Administration if seen fit.
4)You cannot make use of the /skin feature during official clan-wars, or other situations if the current online administration sees that you shouldn't have the skin (Eg. events where skinchanges will cause confusion etc etc).
5)By donating to FoCoTDM you agree that you are at least 18 years old or that you have permission from your supervisors (eg. parents or a legal guardian).

How do I donate

Send a PM to pEar with the following subject:

Code: Select all
FoCoTDM Donation - IG Name

Code: Select all
I, [i]RL-Name[/i], accept the terms and conditions of donation to FoCoTDM. If seen fit, the Lead Administration may remove my VIP and I understand that this is a donation, not a payment for a service.

[size=100][b]Contact information:[/b][/size]
[b]In-Game Name: [/b] Answer
[b]Real-Life Name:[/b] Answer
[b]Private e-mail:[/b] Answer
[b]Donation Amount:[/b] Answer
[b]Membership:[/b] Answer

Once you have sent the format to me, pEar (And ONLY me) you may go to paypal and send your payment to the given e-mail:
Code: Select all

Once I have confirmed your payment, I will set your VIP level etc.

You NEED to be very specific in regards to what you donation package you want. Until the new system is up and running, you need to pay for at least the bronze-package in order to receive VIP with the current system (This means you will temporarily receive some VIP features that are actually restricted to silver such as /skin). The payment amount is also very important. Paypal will have a currency checker and you HAVE to choose EUR (Euros).

On behalf of the Lead Administration,
FoCoTDM Manager / Head of Staff,

user img pEar

calender img 11/6/2013 - 1:46

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